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From the very begining I have been talking about drinking patterns and cultures around the world, namely- because I want to discover the reason behind drinking ages in the world- drinking among our youth culture. It’s not just here in America but everyone wants to drink it seems whether you’re 11 or 25, it’s like alcohol has this pull on us. The thoughts of what alcohol can make us intrigues the cores of our being, I am just gonna say it, it’s seductive! As humans it seems that we all just want the ability to shut our minds off and be carefree so that’s why we turn to things outside ourselves.

I am going to be honest here I love drinking, not just a friendship but I have a serious I love you and want to marry you relationship with alcohol. I love everything from beer to wine to lemon drops and blueberry martinis. And being in college, it’s an easy culture to get into. It’s not as if I particularly enjoy the taste of alcohol but I enjoy what alcohol helps me become. Carefree, on top of the world, bold. I am 19 years old and cannot currently drink legally in America, and trust me before this blog post I would have cut off a toe if that would lower our drinking age. However diving deeper into this complex issue, I am starting to realize that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I had this ignorant idea that if drinking age was lower it would stop underage drinking because people would wait until they were of legal age.

After looking into a couple different countries like Italy and Germany who have drinking ages as low as 16, I realized that they still have a problem with underage drinking. Which seems crazy unbelievable to me but youth as young as 11 want to start imbibing. These countries are even talking about raising their drinking ages to 18 because of the amount of young people who have problems alcohol abuse. It seems that Germany’s culture is centered around alcohol, and not in that good way where people become acoustemed to the presence of alcohol and know their limits but in a way people are drinking all day everyday. In Italy things are better because it has more of a sipping culture that accompanies wine with meals but still the youth are starting to take it to the next level.

I am starting to thank our paranoid moms from MADD who enforce the legal drinking age of 21 in America and wonder if even 21 year olds cannot handle the responsibility. I am not going to lie this is a problem that I am apart of as well but I believe the first way to combat this problem across the globe no matter how old you are is to learn. If we can all learn how to handle ourselves while drinking no matter our age I believe that this will be the solution to our problem. I don’t think immaturity is entirely responsible for alcohol abuse, it is just a lack of knowledge. People don’t recognize how powerful a drug alcohol is and how serious the consequences can become. So over the next couple of blog posts I want to show young people what responsible imbibing looks like and shine the light on alcohol abuse and dependency. What better way then to go to the statistics? Until next time guys.


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