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The next region that I am going to explore is the Middle East, by looking at a different point of view we can get some perspective on the drinking age in the US. Most Middle Eastern countries practice Islam-some countries even make this religion their law- and in Islam consuming alcohol is a sin. The countries in the Middle East where alcohol isn’t illegal have a drinking age of 20 – 21 years old. Some countries have different laws for Muslims and Non Muslims.Though I would love to go through every Middle EasternĀ  Country in this blog post I fear you wouldn’t read it if I did. So I am going to explain three countries that represent three ways of thinking about drinking in the Middle East which will give a good idea the issue in this area.

Iran: In the forum called, “Alcohol in Muslim/ Middle Eastern Countries” I found some information about alcohol laws in the Middle East and have used some of my own knowledge as well. Iran is ruled under theocracy meaning that Islam delegates the law. So that means alcohol is strictly forbidden. The punishment for having alcohol on you or being drunk is lashes. Now it is possible to procure this illegal juice from other countries but this is deffinately an underground process. The mindset that surrounds drinking in Iran is this, people who drink are alcoholics and lower class people. Those people known to have had a drink or been drunk are looked down upon because this is a pretty big sin. Countries with this similar mentality : Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia.

Based on the United Nations Global Rape Statistic for 2002 theĀ  Sexual Assault Rate for 100,000 people is:

Saudi Arabia: .27, Azerbijan .48, Morocco 3.42

Keep in mind though that these countries have a history of not reporting as many rapes.

India: Although India’s primary religion isn’t Islam, it has very similar attitudes toward drinking. The minimum drinking age in India is 21 years but according to “India:Alcohol in a Changing Women’s Culture”, India has among the bottom 15 percent in alcohol consumption for the past 4o years. This is because in the Brahmans religion, people who are in highers castes are forbidden to drink. It seems that those in lower classes have also followed suit and adopted this custom as well. In this article is also says that women are less likely to consume alcohol than men which is a common practice in the Middle East. I believe this is because consuming alcohol is better handled by people who are heavier which tends to be men, and drinking alcohol also seems to be associated with manliness.

According to Nationmaster Sexual Assault rate for India is 1.431 per 100,000 people for the year 2000.

Turkey: Since Turkey borders the European Union it has picked up many western philosophies even though it is a Muslim country. For example alcohol is not illegal in Turkey and the minimum drinking age is 18 years which is very similar to the drinking age in some European countries. People usually drink more heavily in big cities that attract tourists like Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir. Also drinking is very popular in beach resorts and in fancy hotels. In these places drinking culture is very similar to that of Europe. However in smaller farm villages and in the eastern part of the country drinking isn’t as popular but is still legal. Countries in the Middle East with similar laws: Pakistan, and Egypt.

According to Nationmaster Turkey has a Sexual Assault Rate of 1.808 per 100,000 people for the year 2000.